the demolitions will begin in a month

In 2016 we arrived at these lands located in the municipality of La Puebla Del Rio;  At first we inhabited a 65-hectare land plus a 5 hectare one with multiple facilities  for livestock and human housing: both owned by the person with whom we reached an agreement.


We were completely unaware of the personal judicial situation of this person, that later was going to directly affect our association and the facilities built and used by us.

 In 2017, due to different circumstances, we began to find out about this person’s legal problems and we began, together with our team of lawyers and technicians, the procedures for the legalization of everything that this person had built without a proper license, although some procedures had been done.


We then began a race of administrative procedures and expenses: payments of fees and minutes that have amounted to more than 15,000 eur over these three years, in addition to being forced to live under constant pressure by the owner of the two farms we inhabited until then, who was using us deliberately to solve his legal problems and to avoid his impending entry into prison.


After many procedures, described in the explanatory dossier, we obtained that the Criminal Court number 7 of Seville accepted a postponement of the demolition orders that had been required as part of the owner's individual sentence

After three years of struggle with three different public administrations, our refugees and we have been totally abandoned and ignored by the Department of Environment, the City Council of the Puebla del Rio and the Department of Land Management.


None of the three administrations feels competent to solve the problem leaving us in a limbo, totally vulnerable to the personal pressures that we suffer daily from the owner of the farm and the person who has aggravated all these problems with his wrongdoing and indiscriminate  data concealment that has significantly delayed the procedures.


 We have invested a lot of money and energy in the construction of the home of more than five hundred animals that currently live in these lands.

In the end of 2018 the ownership of some of the parts of the farm was requested from us for the legalization of these facilities that will be subjected to demolition in a month time or so: so taking advantage of the fact that they had been expropriated from the first owner by a financial entity, we were able to purchase and register them on behalf of the Association, making all the animals that inhabit them their owners.


 The Association is the owner of 65 hectares and the person who pressures us is currently the owner of 5 hectares where all the facilities subject to impending demolition are located, and who must demolish them to avoid entering prison.


 Many of the facilities that we had built until then, in addition to the previously existing ones, that we had renewed in many cases almost completely due to the state of abandonment in which they were when we arrived, are located on the only 5 hectares that can not be owned by the association AND THAT WE HAVE TO LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE PRESSURES WE ARE RECEIVING, putting our animals directly at risk.


 WE HAVE TO BUILD THEM AGAIN IN THE AREA THAT BELONGS TO US so that we will NEVER AGAIN and DEFINITELY see ourselves in this situation of judicial defenselessness that can endanger the protection of our animals.


 We want to fully adapt to the real needs of the animals we have, so we do not have to recreate many of the facilities that we have today, we can work equally effectively with facilities that are less impactful for the environment and subject to lower costs.


 WE HAVE TO REBUILD ALL THIS in a  record time, WE HAVE ONE MONTH APPROXIMATELY, even though we are terribly pressured with the possibility of experiencing an extreme situation these days.

please help us rebuild it